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Extra resources This Christmas we want to set our eyes on Him and wait in anticipation for His coming. We want to prepare our hearts and look at the world with God’s eyes. We want to remember why God sent His son Jesus as a baby. This series will help us discover the Joy, Hope, Peace and Love that comes with His arrival.


buy amoxicillin 500mg We are designed for community – a place of potential common unity and blessing.  Strong, healthy community is not coincidental. It is intentional.   It is strategic and purposeful.   People who are committed to collectively building Christian community discover the kingdom of God here in earth in extraordinary measure.  May this series open large doors of understanding and opportunity to nurture and grow community in and through your life.


A sermon series that will look at the Kingdom of Heaven. We will be looking at what it means to us as believers and citizens, how it will change our understanding of how we live our lives and motivate us to grow His kingdom here on earth. Together we will embrace our role as Citizens of God’s Kingdom.


How often do you think about who you are and what you are here for? This sermon series is a springboard to helping answer those questions. It’s a series designed to look at our purpose, identity and calling with eternity in mind, and how all that should stem from the motivation that God has put in our hearts. Join us in the lead up to Easter as we look into why we are ‘Made For This’.


Finding  the rhythm where deep calls to deep and living from this place changes everything.  There you experience security, strength, inner peace.  You feel in touch, tuned in to God, people and yourself.  Jesus said that one of the highest orders of his house that He is building is that it would be a house of prayer – a house of rhythm where the will of heaven is pulsating into earth.  This series is about living from your core; living from a place of strength and revelation.  This year, Calgary Full Gospel is poised to enter new areas of prayer that will result in breakthroughs, significant growth in multiple dimensions, and greater dominion – that which is born of God shall overcome the world.  A year of change and transformation awaits you – you will never be the same!


‘A BEAUTIFUL NAME’ is a Christmas Sermon Series where the focus isn’t just on the birth of Jesus, it doesn’t just revolve around the shepherds and wise men. In this series we want to remember the man that is Jesus, the man that changed the world and has continued to do so over the last two thousand years. We want to focus on Jesus, a beautiful name.


The Holy Spirit – the God many never know intimately, personally.   When he fills you, empowers you, communes with you, your life is never the same. The Holy Spirit reveals truth. He is brilliant beyond words. Through Him, the Bible comes alive; you experience peace, healing, love. Let’s go on a life changing journey, together.


BREAKFAST ON THE BEACH is a series that takes us through the book of John.


PERSPECTIVE is a sermons series centred around Jesus’ teaching of the parables.  It was a radical way of looking at things and opened the eyes of many people in the world and the Church to see things as God does.  We’re going to take those same parables, step back and look at our lives and our world with a Kingdom perspective.


Noah built the ark. Nehemiah built the wall. David slayed Goliath. Solomon built the temple. Peter got over himself and built the church. Jesus changed the world. Throughout church history there have been many difference makers. People who were willing to get their own hands dirty. Ready to do whatever it takes to reach people distant from God and teach them how to follow Jesus step by step. Someone just like you, can be a difference maker.


Our goal in life is to grow to be more like Christ, to be His hands and feet on the earth. We seek to show others what Jesus did for us and what He continues to do. We seek to let others know about his saving grace. None of this would be possible without the power of the Holy Spirit. This series looks at how we can go deeper into His presence to equip us to be His ambassadors.


This Christmas season we want to look not only at how God illuminates our lives but how we can in turn illuminate those around us. We will look at how we can be light to one another in the Church, how we can be light to our family and friends, and finally, how we can be light to our neighbours, our city and our world.

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Faith is that which crosses from impossible to possible, improbable to probable, it’s the thing that takes our hopes and turns them into reality.  In this series we will look at how faith can be for something small or something huge.  We will look at how we can exercise our faith and make it stronger and grow it in our lives.


‘IMPERFECT HEROES’ – A Sermon Series. Everyone needs a Hero. The Bible has many epic stories of real people who, in a moment of time, were heroic in the eyes of many people. These heroes had great strength, skill or gifting but they also had weakness, and their lives are an example of how God will use imperfect people to do great things.


‘EXPLORE’ – A Sermon Series.  The questions, the wonderings, the thoughts in the middle of the night. What is going on in the world and what does it mean for my life? What are the deep things that really matter? This series will give you some answers, but that is really not the point of it. We want you to think, explore, and examine what is truly happening in the world around you and what is happening in the world within you.


HONOUR – ‘A Sermon Series’. Honour is a spiritual backbone to life-giving relationships, to a healthy work environment, to strong churches, and a stable nation.  The fruits of dishonour are so far reaching societally.   CFG has been blessed with the fruits of honour reflected through the lives and culture of our international community.  We are very excited to explore the life changing dimensions of honour and to enlarge the potential of what our lives will embrace through this.