Community Groups



Below is a list of our Community Groups.  If you are interested in participating one of them then please contact the group leader by using the contact form beside the group details.




Hosts: David and Clementine Osah

Focus: The Christian Family Structure

When: Second Friday of every month, 7:00 pm

We are going to do an in-depth study of the expectations, by God and by man, of the Christian Home.

The goal is to train the families that will be attending on what it means to have a family made up of individuals that are Christ-like, and who are bold to speak about their faith and belief. We believe

Topics like:

  1. God’s original design for the family (Husband’s responsibility to the wife, Wife’s responsibility to the husband, Parents responsibility, Children’s responsibility, running business the God’s way and respecting those who works with you and vice versa) (Col.3:18-21)
  2. God’s Wisdom for Families in an evil world (Eph 5:15-16)
  3. The Family Altar
  4. Bible songs design for us to learn bible verses
  5. Imitating Men of God
  6. The Virtuous Woman
  7. Total Submission to God

…and many more.

We believe these studies will build the courage to minister to others around us who don’t yet know God.

We will be having Childcare as some of our current members have children.



GROUP IS FULL – Sorry, but there are no more places available in this community group.

CFG CHURCH  – 917 14th Ave SW

Host:  Rick Brummund

Focus: Relationships with God and one another

When: Second Wednesday of every month, 6:30 pm

Rick is passionate to build relationships within the small group, to experience deeper relationships with more authenticity and intimacy within the group to get to know each other and God in a much greater measure. In this group we will take the time to pray for one another’s needs and watch God answer these prayers.



Hosts: Peter and Anne Joziasse

Focus: Connecting to God and His body of believers

When: Second  Friday of every month, 7:00 pm – 9:00 pm

t has been our experience that a small group is an ideal setting to get more fully connected to God and to His body of believers, by

  • building relationship with a number of people who would like to get connected with you,
  • learning to develop intimacy with God,
  • learning more from God’s Word,
  • discovering and developing spiritual gifts in a caring environment, and
  • learning to minister and to be ministered to in God’s love and grace.

We host an inter-generational group of 6 to 14 people who want to:

  • experience God at work in their lives and share that grace with others,
  • develop a stronger walk with God,
  • grow their faith,
  • discover and build their mission, and
  • build new and stronger relationships.

No childcare will be provided



Hosts: Ernie and Barbara Metz

Focus:  ‘Created to be’

When: Every other Friday, 7:00 pm – 9:30 pm

We desire our home group to be a safe place where everyone can share the joys and struggles of life.

The theme of our discussions this fall will be, “Created to Be.”   Becoming a follower of Jesus and building God’s Kingdom.

Our passion is to see each one in our group loved, accepted and cared for in an environment where they can grow in their God given gifts and abilities.   To encourage and  provide opportunity for individuals to function in the gifts.

Each evening we would study a bible principal, have discussion, pray for requests, have lunch and wholesome fellowship.

It’s difficult to focus on adults and entertain children as the same time, so our group would not be one with children.


Hosts: Funmibi and Muyiwa

Focus: Living the Bible out

When: Every other Friday, 6:30 pm – 8:00 pm

  • Seroquel sale how can i buy metformin What are you passionate about as a person that births the vision of the group? Our faith is anchored by our knowledge of who God is. Our passion springs out of seeing people growing in this knowledge and coming to understand God for who He really is. Also, we would like to build a community where people share their testimonies and build relationships that can be truss for them in challenging times.
  • Purpose of the group and what the group would be growing into long term? The purpose of the group is to build community, study the Word together and learn how to apply it. Making us hearers and doers of the Word. We want to raise an army of young people who are passionate for God and relevant in their environment. Our long-term is goal is for participants to be mentors to others



Hosts: Okpanachi & Ejiro Adaji

Focus:  ‘Identity in Christ’

When: Thursdays, 6:00 pm

We are passionate about people finding their true identity in Christ, standing confidently in great faith and resting in christ’s unrelentless love.

Our small group will be a dynamic group of people unafraid to proclaim God’s word, stay rooted in His love and make an impact in our generation.

Our small group will not take any children as our home is small.