CFG Small Group Survey (Anonymous)

We will be organizing/introducing small groups (ie. Bible study, life group, cell group, etc.) into CFG in the coming weeks, so we would like your help and input about your interest in participation.

One survey per person

1. How long have you been attending CFG?

2. How often do you attend Sunday services at CFG?

3. What is your general area of residence in the Calgary area?

4. What is your age bracket?

5. What is your personal status?

6. What is your level of interest in regularly participating in a CFG small group?

7. Are you currently participating in a CFG small group?

8. Have you ever previously participated in a Christian small group, including groups in other churches?

9. Do you presently attend any Christian small groups?

10. How far would you be willing to travel to be in a specific small group?

11. What time of day would be most convenient for you to attend a small group?

12. What day of the week would be most convenient for you to attend a small group? (Please choose TWO)
 Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
13. What would be the ideal frequency of small group meetings for you?

14. Would you prefer a co-ed group or a single-gender group?

15. Would you prefer to be in an age-defined group (ie. young adult, senior, etc.) or a group with mixed ages?

16. Which type of small group would be of most interest to you?
(Please select only TWO)
 themed Bible study book of the Bible book club prayer discipleship community outreach new believers crafts supper club grief support divorce support marriage enrichment family/parenting sermon review
17. Would you need childcare provided in order to participate in a small group?

18. Are there any concerns, fears, or issues that would prevent you from participating in a small group at CFG? If yes, please let us know in one sentence or less, by writing in the following space provided.